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Heat-Seal Devices

Maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of sterilization.

Neuster Health Steriseal Heat Sealer

Reliable, easy-to-use entry model with temperature control. Simply turn it on and adjust the temperature, and SteriSeal will automatically activate and deactivate as needed.

Neuster Health Steriseal+ Heat Sealer

Designed to handle the high volume demands of the hospital and medical device industries. Equipped with a built-in printer, making it a reliable and efficient choice for large-scale sealing operations.

Neuster Health Pouchmate Heat Sealer

The Pouchmate combines cutting and sealing into one efficient process, reducing labor costs, and can handle high-volume operations with ease, producing more than 5,000 pouches per hour.

PMS Healthcare Roll Dispenser

Create custom-length packaging material with ease using PMS roll dispenser and cutter for medical devices. Hygienic stainless steel frame with high-quality cutting blade.

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