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Discover PMS's PP/PE film web, a multilayer, thermoformable flexible barrier film designed specifically for packaging diverse medical devices. From syringes and needles to feeding tubes and in-vitro devices, our films encompass a potent blend of polypropylene and low-density polyethylene. This combination not only ensures exceptional forming capabilities but also promises unparalleled dimensional stability. Whether you're sealing to coated or uncoated medical-grade paper, PMS's PP/PE film web adapts seamlessly, serving as an economical yet efficient solution for medical device manufacturers.

Demonstrates superior thermoforming with a flexible temperature range of 95°C – 115°C.

Enhanced puncture resistance ensures durability, even for sensitive medical devices.

Combines high transparency with low haze, ensuring content visibility without compromise.

Boasts excellent adhesive properties, paired with superior seal strength and low thermal sealing temperature.

Crafted to provide outstanding moisture resistance, safeguarding the integrity of the contained medical devices.


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