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Sterilization Control Products

Engineered for precision and reliability in demanding healthcare settings.


Accurate, non-toxic test sheets for detecting sterilizer malfunctions, designed for steam sterilization at 134°C. Conforms to ISO 11140.


Single-use packs ensuring steam sterilizer efficacy at 134°C. Includes traceable indicator sheets. EN 285 compliant.


Secure sealing tapes with clear indicator transitions, crafted for both steam and EtO sterilization processes. Offers seamless removal post-sterilization.


Dual-strip indicators providing reliable steam penetration assurance, designed for steam sterilization at 134˚C. Clear color transition, compliant with ISO 11140-1.


Advanced single-strip indicators ensuring steam penetration and cycle verification, suitable for sterilization at 121˚C and 134˚C. Vivid blue-to-lilac color change, compliant with ISO 11140-1.


Reliable dual-strip indicators for Ethylene Oxide sterilization, assuring full gas penetration. Show a clear white-to-yellow color transition after successful sterilization, compliant with ISO 11140-1.

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