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Introducing PMS's PET/PP film web, crafted specifically for the exigencies of sterile medical device packaging. Our steam sterilizable film, built upon a distinct formula, promises unparalleled performance in STEAM sterilization. With enhanced bondability, tensile strength, and a higher melting point, this film web guarantees a clean, uniform peel every time, even post-steam sterilization. As with all our innovations, this film offers a pathway to cost-efficient, high-quality sterilization packages without compromising on quality or performance.

Specially formulated to be fully compatible with steam sterilization.

High puncture, tear, and break resistance, ensuring safety pre and POST sterilization.

Outstanding clarity combined with low haze, guaranteeing visible content integrity.

Highly machinable, effortlessly sealable and peelable with uncoated medical-grade paper.

Conforms rigorously with ISO 111607, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 standards, ensuring reliability and quality.


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Neuster Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue

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Product Handbook

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